Global Tectonics

Global Tectonics

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"Many readers will be familiar with this excellent textbook . . .The subject coverage is more comprehensive than in previouseditions with many of the processes and concepts being illustratedwith case studies drawn from the recent literature. " (Mar GeophysRes, 2009) "A massive list of mostly critical references cites the mostimportant works the world over." (CHOICE, November 2009)"Anexcellent indepth overview on one of the mostrevolutionary topics in the earth sciences. Not onlyclear and comprehensive, but also pleasant to read. It is a highlyrecommended musthave on the bookshelves of earthscientists for some time to come." (Geologos, December2009) "Global Tectonics will find its place in all wellequipped libraries and a personal copy will be of use for anygeoscientist who needs a comprehensive overview." (Surveys inGeophysics, September 2009) "This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field ofglobal tectonics. Because the field has changed significantly sincethe last edition was published, the majority of text and figures inthe third edition are new." (Book News, September 2009) The third edition of this widely acclaimed textbook provides acomprehensive introduction to all aspects of global tectonics.Revisions to this new edition reflect the most significant recentadvances in the field, providing a thorough, accessible, andup-to-date text. Combining a historical approach with processscience, Global Tectonics provides a careful balance betweengeological and geophysical material in both continental and oceanicregimes. New and expanded chapters in this third edition includePrecambrian tectonics and the supercontinent cycle; mantleprocesses, including mantle plumes; the implications of platetectonics for environmental change; large igneous provinces; riftedcontinental margins; ocean ridges; continental transforms;subduction zones; and numerous orogenic examples. Written in an engaging style, this important text is anessential reference for undergraduates a

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