Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud

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عن المنتج :

Starred Review. This testament to the massive oeuvre of one of Europe's most celebrated painters begins with an illuminating biographical sketch by Feaver (former art critic for the Observer) that depicts Freud's journey from favorite son to mediocre student, reveling womanizer to husband and father. Readers looking for a window into Freud's remarkable method and vision will benefit from the extensive quotes in this section, as well as the four interviews provided. The paintings themselves, richly reproduced, are intense portraits featuring a dark conflict between stark realism and profound emotional pull; his figures, usually nude, capture the vacancy and impact of death in their alarmingly static expressions. Freud's self-taught skill and precision are evident on every page in his careful, heavy brushstrokes (he often cleaned the brush after each stroke) and representational precision. Coming into fruition in the era of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, Freud emerged, amazingly, as a figurative painter in the most traditional sense: "Expressionism is a translation from what is in life," Freud said, "Expressionism is exaggerated." In light of the stunning work displayed here, his negative opinion of the genre is earned. A necessity for art scholars and an absolute pleasure for the novice, this gorgeous collection of Freud's discomforting work is perfectly fitting in scope and heft. Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Once you become accustomed to the heftiness of the Rizzoli book, with its nearly 500 pages of high-quality paper, you can find great pleasure in the numerous illustrations and the breadth of vision it gives of the artists development, with nearly 40 pictures that have never before been illustrated in books on Freud. ~The Art BookThis latest effort will be useful as a sweeping visual appreciation of a painter of major importance. ~Choice Magazine

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شراء Lucian Freud | طلب Lucian Freud | Lucian Freud للبيع

يمكن شراء Lucian Freud مباشرة من امازون من خلال الرابط التالي: شراء Lucian Freud أو يمكن اضافته لسلة المشتريات لمتابعة التسوق على Arabzono على زر اضافة الى السلة من أعلى الصفحة

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يعتبر أمازون هو أكبر متجر عالمي، ويبيع عليه عدد كبير من التجار حول العالم وبسبب المنافسة العالية بينهم فانهم مجبورون لتخفيض السعر لأقل ما يمكن لذلك فاننا نعتقد بأن امازون هو أرخص مكان لشراء Lucian Freud كما أن الشروط الصارمة التي يضعها امازون على التجار، بما فيها جودة المنتج وسياسة الاستبدال ومنع الخداع وخدمة العملاء المميزة كل ذلك يجعلنا نقول بكل ثقة أن امازون هو أفضل مكان لشراء Lucian Freud

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