El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition)

El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition)

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Fans of Zafns The Shadow of the Wind and new readers alike will be delighted with this gothic semiprequel. In 1920s Barcelona, David Martin is born into poverty, but, aided by patron and friend Pedro Vidal, he rises to become a crime reporter and then a beloved pulp novelist. Davids creative pace is frenetic; holed up in his dream housea decrepit mansion with a sinister historyhe produces two great novels, one for Vidal to claim as his own, and one for himself. But Vidals book is celebrated while Davids is buried, and when Vidal marries Davids great love, David accepts a commission to write a story that leads him into danger. As he explores the past and his mysterious publisher, David becomes a suspect in a string of murders, and his race to uncover the truth is a delicious puzzle: is he beset by demons or a demon himself? Zafns novel is detailed and vivid, and Davids narration is charming and funny, but suspect. Villain or victim, he is the hero of and the guide to this dark labyrinth that, by masterful design, remains thrilling and bewildering. (June) -- Publishers Weekly, starred ReviewAnother delicious supernatural mystery from bestselling Catalan author Zafn (The Shadow of the Wind, 2005).Mix Edgar Allan Poe with Jorge Luis Borges, intellectual mysterian Arturo Prez-Reverte, and maybe add a dash of Stephen King, and you have some of the makings of Zafns sensibility. Fans of his earlier book will be pleased to find themselves on patches of familiar ground, including a revisit to that wonderful conceit, the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Indeed, this is a prequelbut only of a kind: Familiar figures turn up at points, only to seem less than familiar as the narrative twists and turns. The none-too-heroic hero, David Martn, is an aspiring journalist who bucks hackwork to turn in a crowd-pleasing series for a tough boss. This leads him into an onerous contract with the usual crooked publishers and, indirectly, into a rivalry with his former mentorall of which, naturall

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حسب موقع أمازون فإن سعر El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) هو 12.21 دولار، وهو ما يساوي بالريال: 45.79 ريالا تقريبا (قد يكون هناك اختلاف بسيط حسب اختلاف العملة)

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شراء El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) | طلب El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) | El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) للبيع

يمكن شراء El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) مباشرة من امازون من خلال الرابط التالي: شراء El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) أو يمكن اضافته لسلة المشتريات لمتابعة التسوق على Arabzono على زر اضافة الى السلة من أعلى الصفحة

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يعتبر أمازون هو أكبر متجر عالمي، ويبيع عليه عدد كبير من التجار حول العالم وبسبب المنافسة العالية بينهم فانهم مجبورون لتخفيض السعر لأقل ما يمكن لذلك فاننا نعتقد بأن امازون هو أرخص مكان لشراء El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition) كما أن الشروط الصارمة التي يضعها امازون على التجار، بما فيها جودة المنتج وسياسة الاستبدال ومنع الخداع وخدمة العملاء المميزة كل ذلك يجعلنا نقول بكل ثقة أن امازون هو أفضل مكان لشراء El Juego del ngel (Spanish Edition)

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